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There are issues that confuse and divide men. Some believe it is immoral to practice one thing, others believe it is fine. Who is right? What is truth? If men are the final judges of what is truth, there will never be an end to the debates. We believe there is Someone great who is the final judge of truth and He embodies wisdom and truth. There is no one else like Him or equal to Him, He is God. We believe God has spoken to men and He has taken the time to reveal to us truth and wisdom. The revelation of God to men has been both spoken (Bible) and incarnate (Jesus Christ). He ends all debate. We are committed to using the Scriptures to answer today's culture and provide answers to those seeking the truth.

Relevant to Iowa: Marriage is between One Man and One Woman for a life time

The Iowa Supreme court recently ruled as unconstitutional God's definition of marriage. Below are two papers dedicated to exploring this dilemma in greater detail. We invite you to study them.

Iowa and Civil Marriage

The Debate On Homosexual Marriage

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