Posted: Posted Date – 9:22 PM, Sat – Sep 24, 22

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Hyderabad: Twenty-five private engineering colleges have not “accepted” the fees set by the Telangana Admissions and Fees Regulatory Committee (TAFRC) for the 2022-25 block period.

The commission which met here on Saturday decided to convene these 25 engineering schools soon for personal hearings.

Earlier, TARFC reduced the fee structure of several private engineering colleges by revising the fees set in July this year. A highest fee of Rs.1.60 lakh per year was set for MGIT, which retained its previous fee structure, while the minimum fee was set at Rs.45,000 per year.

The CBIT which previously got the highest fee structure i.e. Rs.1.73 lakh per year, received a fee of Rs.1.12 lakh per year. Similarly, the fees of several engineering colleges were reduced during personal hearings after reviewing their audit reports and the tuition fee structure set in July.

“Out of 173 private engineering schools, 25 have not accepted the contribution set by the TAFRC. So we will be calling them again for personal hearings shortly. The fees for the rest of the colleges have been fixed and the same are accepted by the managements,” an official said.

The review of fees for private engineering schools is done once for a block period of three years. The last fees were set in 2019 and ended in the 2021-22 academic year. As the fee review was due this year, the TAFRC had invited applications from colleges and set the fees that will be applicable for the three-year block period beginning with the 2022-23 academic year.