A former Texas Christian University employee has sued the university, alleging ‘institutional racism’ led to her firing last year, Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

Linda Lopez, who worked in TCU’s advancement department, alleges the university fired her in February 2021 because she is Hispanic. She was told she was being fired due to budget cuts, but just a month earlier she had been told that her department was not undergoing any budget cuts and would not let anyone go, according to the lawsuit.

TCU is “steeped in an ethic of white elitism that has long discouraged equal participation of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities in college life,” Lopez’s attorney said in the lawsuit.

Lopez worked at TCU for 13 years and was described as a “rock star” in an employee review, according to the lawsuit.

She was fired after complaining about how her supervisor treated her. According to the lawsuit, he “reprimanded Lopez for taking time out of bereavement leave to comfort his children whose father had passed away.” The lawsuit also alleges that Lopez faced more scrutiny of her work than her white colleagues.

TCU told the Star-Telegram he was preparing a statement but was not ready to comment on the matter.

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