Six members of our Hurricane family enjoyed a hunt in West Texas while our search for wild hogs and turkeys south of Colorado City with Steve and Debbie Graham was to be an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten. for youngsters as well as adults as three generations of Warren-Graham parents have travelled. Don’t let the men in your family limit packing for a family vacation as we were loaded with gun cases, rattlesnake boots, e-bikes for hunting, backpacks, turkey decoys, food and water, “camo” with winter or spring designs, turkey calls, hats, snacks for six, our usual clothes for sightseeing, and ammunition. In words borrowed from a granddaughter’s text that summed up the menageries as “the Clampets go to California…” is enough. “Enough”, said. We were greeted Monday, May 9, with record breaking 110 degrees at camp on the Colorado River at Noel Farm, which is next to Spade and B4 Ranches, among the tallest in the state. I arrived later that night as Roger and Dayla Graham from Sweetwater took me to the campsite via a Wrangler jeep. Some of the things we weren’t prepared for were: scorpions on the prowl and a single bitten hunter, bull snakes in the dormitory or gear storage areas, latrines, the drought stricken countryside, a nearly dry river; a wildfire burns along I-20 at the Eastland exit; a dust storm, and recently fire-riddled groves of mesquite and cacti were falling in the scorching heat instead of the normal spring blooms. Due to the drought, only one turkey was bagged; so we continued our journey north and went to Lubbock via quaint hamlets like Flat Top Mountain, Spur, Guthrie and the 4-6 Ranch featured on Yellowstone and Matador TV. Our Warren family there, the granddaughters, Beverly Crossnoe and Janet Durham, of the late Willie and Nora Warren, former residents of Sand Springs, provided farms and ranches east or west accessible on the lands of Llano Estacado and Caprock, the last Comanche domains of Chief Quannah Parker. While in Lubbock, we visited their Baker-Warren families’ warehouse which is used for their genealogy and recording of business information, an art gallery and family relics, to be shared with The Southwest Collection in Texas Tech Archives and Museum when completed, a mammoth undertaking as it involves settlers in Texas circa 1894-1904. Most of these people left Pontotoc County, Mississippi; so many residents of our community are part of this family history. I am along with other friends and relatives from Pontotoc, Thaxton, Hurricane and Lafayette Springs who contribute interviews, documents, photos and memorabilia for the archives. Incidentally, we were treated to a private tour of the Texas Tech Museum by the official Texas State Archivist and Historian, Monte Monroe.

It was an impressive visit as this historian “walks the walk” as it was evident of his dedication to preserving the “Gone To Texas” exodus including our “Sippi” parents including lore, legend and the legacy of the Chickasaw Settlers of Session.

Those who traveled to West Texas on May 15 were: Graden and Susan Hooker, Cade and Sophie Hooker, Wilkes Bradham and Braxton Hooker, all of Hurricane. We traveled to New Mexico, and the others came back via the 4-6 Ranch in Guthrie, then enjoyed Fort Stockyards and Cowtown. It’s worth riding a longhorn bull as part of the parade festivities. So, as the old country song goes, “I’ve seen miles and miles of Texas,” and we did it!

Congratulations to Madison Carnes Hale as she graduates from the University of Mississippi with a Master of Science in Communication Science and Disorders. Madison will work as a speech pathologist at BMH-UC in New Albany.

Those who attended the ladies’ conference at Bethel Baptist Church in Walls from Hurricane Baptist Church and their guests were as follows on April 29 and 30: Perri Brock, Merle Hill, Kaelyn Hill, Emma Brock, Nita Robbins, Dorothy Gates, Hanna Robbins, Courtney Robbins, Lisa Crouch, Gabi Anderson, Jean Logan, Jennifer Chestney, Molly Miller, Kara Miller, Hannah Horton, Meredith Horton, Jerri Conlee, Kathy Montgomery, Beth Conlee and Greta Moody. The theme of the conference was: Head to the Mountains – Find God’s Presence.

Adam and Cohen Stubblefield enjoyed a late spring turkey hunt in Nebraska as the young hunter, Cohen, caught a Merriam.

Hunters Cade Hooker and Ingomar, WC Grisham and Cory Stout, hunted Merriam turkeys in Kansas and bagged the hybrid birds.

The birthday wishes are as follows for the month of May:

Danny Anderson, Riggen Bullard, Denise D. Crawford, Gina Warren, Michelle Sutton, Betty Coward, Jan Cayson, Blake Spears, Jewel Keith Owen, Buffie Butler, Brooke Roach, Brent Spears,

Sally Nelson, Thomas Quillian, Ruth Hale, Ricky Ferguson, Carolyn G. Warren and Carolyn Logan.

Faye Dillard attended the luncheon hosted by the Pontotoc Women’s Republican Party Club at the National Guard Armory for soldiers on Sunday, May 15.

Featured on Channel 9 News last week due to the infant formula crisis in northern Mississippi and beyond, mum Cailee Yielding and her son, Charlie Hall, who is Gunner Hall’s son and great- grandsons of Chipper and Debra Hicks of Hurricane, said of the search for formula supplies faced by young parents in their neighborhood.

Our hearts are saddened by the passing of Wanza Graham, 95, the widow of Bob Graham of Loraine, Texas. His services were held at the First Baptist Church of Loraine on Monday, May 9. Burial took place in Loraine Cemetery. Survivors include his five children and their West Texas families as follows: Dewayne Graham, Brenda Linam, Debby Carlock, Diane Hughes and Glenda Hemphill. The Grahams were often at Hurricane for the Warren-Graham meeting. Two sisters-in-law also reside in Loraine: Doris Graham and Shirley Graham.

Larry and Clarenda Parrish attended morning services at Cowboy Church in Thaxton as their granddaughter, Emme Thompson, daughter of Kurt and Trudie Thompson of Smoke Top, was one of the recipients for her upcoming graduation from the class of 2022 from PSPC. The paternal grandmother is Charlotte Thompson of Friendship.

Kay Graham enjoyed Mother’s Day Sunday with Ray, Kerri, Joseph and Kelsey Haney of Pontotoc as they treated her to lunch. She attended Friendship Baptist Church services on Sunday, May 15, as Kelsey Haney is a senior in the class of 2022 at Pontotoc High School, and seniors were honored in the congregational program.

Abram Anderson, the son of Danny and Gabi Anderson, celebrated his first birthday in the community on April 20, and his older sister, Parker Rose Anderson, was in attendance.

Well, who would have thought that a new Dollar General opened on the highway. 346 while we were on the great American road trip to Texas. The Hurricane Channel 1 reporter sent a FB message and video to boot that we missed the store opening on Friday. I asked for a weather report as this retired USPS postman concluded with a summary of another three inches of rain in the Mud Creek-Flatwood store area. Beware of John Delusic on Channel 9 because your job could be in danger! I told you earlier that the city is heading for Hurricane soon!

Congratulations to Harper Hooker on the NPAC Honor Roll and Maggie Hooker on the West Union Honor Roll, as reported by the “grandarlins” for their year-end happiness. Let the summer games begin.

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