The Innovation Village hopes to prepare citizens for a knowledge-based economy, foster a new tech startup scene, host innovative organizations from around the world, and provide the country with a non-oil economic “sandbox” that will provide solutions. local and global.

Raising a nation to the pinnacle of development is not an easy task. Countries, organizations, corporations and individuals are actively participating in the transformation of Guyana. Guyana Innovation Group was established for the sole purpose of serving Guyana in the nation building process through the Innovation Village.

In recent times, Guyana has discovered one of the largest oil and gas reserves in the world. This discovery is a turning point for the beautiful country, rich with a warm people and countless resources as the gaze of the world has gradually turned to them with the hope of better opportunities looming on the horizon. As the fastest growing nation in the world, Guyana needs well thought out strategies and sustainable solutions for proper positioning and capture of wealth from the flow of oil and gas.

From left to right: David Sierra (CEO of Guyana Innovation Group), Juan ALberto Ortiz (Co-founder of Andes BPO), Rubén Darío Cardona (Co-founder of E Global), Alvaro Piedrahita (DAR Group), Luiz Simon (CEO for the Americas at OEC), Rogelio Ribas (Baptist Health), Peter Ramsroop (CEO GoInvest), Robert Lavia (CEO UMUSIC Hotels), Ashni Singh (Minister of Finance), Bryan Sherbacow (CEO Alder Fuels), Oneidge Walrond (Minister of Tourism), Agustin Arellano (CFO NV2A Group), Susan Rodrigues (Minister within the Ministry of Housing), HE President Irfaan Ali (President of Guyana), Rodrigo Arboleda (Chairman and Co-founder of Guyana Innovation Group), Rodrigo Veloso (Co-founder of Guyana Innovation Group), Collin Croal (Minister of Housing), Maurizio Marchiori (Partner at BPG), Gunther Grineberg (Partner at BPG), Mustapha Madi (DAR Group), Bashar Rihani (DAR Group), Costin Bontas (Investor), Richard Lewis (Board Member Republic Bank), Bishop Juan A. Edghill (Minister of public works)

The Guyana Innovation Group is poised to be the nexus connecting capabilities, cutting-edge technologies, incredible talent and networks to visionary Guyanese public and private partners, forming the backbone for the growth of the economy. non-oil. The Innovation Village in the heart of Silica City is a crucial step for the country. Renowned organizations like MIT Boston, design and engineering company DAR, Formula E ecosystem including Brands Partner Group (BPG), Baptist Health, Florida International University (FIU), NV2A Group, OEC , DHL Global, Universal Music and Hotels, Alder Fuels, among others are showing great interest in participating in the Innovation Village initiative.

Silica City, located south of Georgetown, is the brainchild and legacy of visionary leader, His Excellency President Irfaan Ali. The city is set to be a pioneer in all its offshoots, starting with utilizing the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) which is in line with Guyana’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Innovation Village will be the heart of Silica City and pave the way to becoming a global laboratory.

The Innovation Village represents a new complementary urban model, giving rise to what are called “innovation districts”. These neighborhoods, by definition, are geographic areas where cutting-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with start-ups, incubators and business accelerators. Key technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data are used to develop unique innovative solutions. These neighborhoods are also physically compact, accessible to public transport and technically wired and offer mixed-use housing, offices and retail.

President and co-founder of the Guyana Innovation Group, Rodrigo Arboleda, could not hide his excitement to be part of this laudable achievement. In his own words, “The Innovation Village is a nation-building project that connects science, technology and innovation to the well-being of society. Our goal is to provide Guyana with the right allies that will help the country evolve into a leading nation. The Innovation Village will become the flagship project of a whole transformation.

Luis Videgaray, MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Policy Lead for the Global Project, spoke about the immense potential of the Innovation Village. He said: “We are very proud to contribute to the thinking and ideas that can lead to a transformational project for society. MIT is moving towards creating the right mechanisms to participate in artificial intelligence that will bring welfare to society. Business leaders, governments, investors, innovators and the general public keen to uncover untapped opportunities are invited to witness a turning point in Guyana’s history.

Presentation of the Guyana Innovation Village:

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