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Richard Turner’s recent letter [“Lose the affiliation,” Sept. 4] related to the possible separation of Baylor University and the Texas Baptist General Convention had interesting implications, for example: without a Christian affiliation, Baylor could no longer take religion into consideration in hiring faculty and admitting students. students. That is to say, it could become a completely secular institution. And he would be free from the Christian millstone hanging around his neck.

For Turner’s information, the decades of work of its founders were to create a Christian institution. Most, but not all, faculty and staff, past and present, came to Baylor and spent their professional careers at Baylor because of its Christian affiliation. My tenure lasted 38 years, and I came mainly because of Christian affiliation. Most of Baylor’s endowment was given because of this Christian focus.

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Unfortunately, the current administration has gotten caught up in the weeds and is trying to replace Christian values ​​with a secular awakening.

What Turner and others are trying to do is steal the past work of Baylor’s founders, faculty and staff, the facilities built by others and the endowment donated by others and get away with it. appropriate. They show their true colors by wanting to take what does not belong to them, claim it and control it.

Go build your own institutions with your own blood, sweat, tears and funds.

In the end, whose reward will be the millstone?

Thank you, pastor

As a thank you, we sent this tribute to our former pastor who is now in palliative care. I hope this helps elucidate how the influence of godly people in our lives will expand and continue through generations. Our culture is becoming more and more secular. This is therefore a tribute to all those Christians who encourage and lead others to the truth about God and to salvation for eternal life. Praise them before they leave this world.

Pastor Stephen, we are saddened to hear that your health has declined. We pray that God will take away your pain. You have baptized us and strengthened our family’s faith in God through what we have learned in your classes, in Sunday school, and in your sermons. With you, we have known the joy of glorifying God by serving others. Rest assured that the truth you revealed to those who knew and loved you, to those whom you baptized and taught the Word – this Christian faith – will be passed on from generation to generation. One day, as we stand before the throne of God, we may be asked, “Why did you believe? Our answer will be: “Pastor Stephen is a reason.

“Therefore, since I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, I have never ceased to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” (Ephesians 1:15-16)

challenge, judge

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon is a moron for granting Trump’s request for a special master on the issue of the FBI’s seizure of classified documents at his residence. I’m not really surprised by her decision, however, since she was appointed by Trump to his position. If she had an ethical bone in her body, she would have recused herself from any decision.

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