Mr Rollan Lothais seen with Dr O James Kithan during the book launch program at Wokha Village Baptist Church on Saturday.

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Wokha, September 10 (EMN): A book titled “Christian Ethical Response to End-of-Life Care” (An Indigenous Community Based Health Care Approach) written by Dr O James Kithan has been published by Mr Rollan Lotha, Chief Operating Officer of Nagaland State Rural Livelihood Mission (NSRLM), at Wokha Village Baptist Church on September 10.

Speaking at the book launch event, Rollan Lotha said the book says a lot about the ethical practices of the Lotha Naga in the health sector. He urged everyone to read the book for further reference and practice in life. He also encouraged people to develop accountability in the health care delivery system.

He further suggested that private and government agencies and policy makers take the book as a reference in transforming health care practices in the state as well as globally.

Speaking of the book, Dr Kithan said it was based on his doctoral dissertation, where he extensively studied the Lotha community in the practice of care and love towards sick people and their families by extending the ‘assistance. It hinged on the indigenous Lotha Naga ethic called “Sükhying” – a practice or concept for addressing EOLC (end-of-life care) among older people in the Lotha community.

The author stated that the Lotha Naga have their own moral and ethical values ​​that promote care between individuals and the community. However, due to the influence of modern Western thought through colonialism and globalization, people’s connection and attachment to their cultural values ​​and principles have been distorted.

While reviewing the healthcare system in India in the context of the EOLC, he mentioned that the current healthcare system in India is dominated by private healthcare, which lacks proper infrastructure and modern facilities. , a shortage of health professionals, misuse of funds, neglect of rural people. -health care based on the lack of medical personnel and poor services.

Dr. Kithan is currently the Deputy Principal of Witter Theological College, Vankhosung, and the second Doctor of Divinity in Wokha Village. He did his doctorate in theology from Serampore University Theological College.

The book was autographed by Rev. O Thungben Kikon, Pastor of Wokha Village Baptist Church, while Dr. T Nzanthung Ngullie, Principal of Witter Theological College, chaired the program.

The program was attended by Dr Chumben Murry, Law and Justice Advisor, YM Humtsoe, NDPP Vice President, supporters and family members.

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