BROOKFIELD– Summer has passed quickly and the children are preparing to return to class, but summer has been the sweet spot for one of the most effective tools available to Baptists in Missouri: Vacation Bible School.

For 50 Brookfield children, that meant a week that emphasized the biblical truth that every life is a precious gift from God with a pro-life VBS.

BROOKFIELD – Children make crafts as part of a holiday Bible school that highlighted the value of life as God’s creation at Park Baptist Church here.

Cindy Blakely, co-director of VBS at Park Baptist Church here, said it was a very timely and effective message for their children.

“The Bible stories and the missions sections were wonderful,” she said.

Talking about the value of life might seem over the top of kids’ heads, but Blakely said it worked well for them, especially with the recent fall of Roe v. Wade to the United States Supreme Court and so much abortion talk in the news.

“That’s kind of why we went this way,” she said. “Whether you are unborn, young or old, we are all created by God and are valuable because of it. Children, even as young as kindergarten, have already been exposed to these problems and they need to hear that God created them.

Blakely said it wasn’t just the children who were involved; they had 50 adults participating and leading as well.

“It’s really a huge part of our church ministry,” she said.

“VBS is still going strong”

Christy Nance, director of the state’s Vacation Bible School, said VBS is just as vital a tool as it has ever been.

“Everyone is so excited!” she says. “VBS still works! Parents seem to embrace the Vacation Bible School concept wholeheartedly. Kids love spinning through a variety of activities. Many VBSs integrate parents into VBS through adult Bible classes or parenting classes that provide fellowship and connection to the church and its members.

Ballwin’s Rock Church, of which Nance is a member, organized a VBS weekend with 50 children in attendance. They closed the weekend Sunday morning with five children accepting Christ as Savior. They also raised over $300 for a school in Kenya.

“Small, but mighty!” Nancy said.

Some churches are just returning to normal programs like VBS after a two-year hiatus after COVID, she said.

“Numbers vary, but the joy and gratitude of doing VBS is strong,” she said. “

There have been so many reports of roadblocks, illnesses, volunteer shortages – but VBS is still going strong! God is faithful!”

Nance said she encouraged Missouri Baptist Convention churches to report on their VBS work and results to

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