WBU Scholarship Saves Over $6,500 in Tuition Fees

PLAINVIEW, Texas (PRESS RELEASE) — Here is a press release from Wayland Baptist University:

Wayland Baptist University is finding new ways to help students save on tuition. The university has expanded the qualification criteria for its top scholarship awarded to incoming freshmen who have maintained high academic standards while in high school. Under the new guidelines, students who graduate from high school with a GPA of 3.25 on a 4-point scale will automatically qualify for the Dean’s Level of the Pioneer Scholarship, covering 1/3 of the tuition fee. for full-time students for eight semesters. . The scholarship represents a savings of over $6,500 per year based on the overall Wayland tuition rate.

In the past, Pioneer scholarship requirements were based solely on SAT, ACT, and CLT scores. However, Wayland, like many other universities, no longer requires college entrance exams for admission. This has created a need to revamp the guidelines on scholarship requirements. Students taking the SAT, ACT, or CLT exams can still qualify for the Dean’s Level Scholarship by scoring 1200-1320 on the SAT, 25-28 on the ACT, or 78-88 on the CLT.

Additionally, students who graduate as Valedictorian or Salutatorian can double their scholarship, saving over $13,000 per year by qualifying for the President level which covers 2/3 of the tuition. Students who do not earn their first or second degree in their class may qualify for this level of the Pioneer Scholarship with scores of 1330-1440 on the SAT, 29-32 on the ACT, or 89-99 on the CLT.

Exceptionally strong university students can qualify for the administrator level of the scholarship which covers full tuition for full-time enrollment for up to eight semesters. This level of scholarship is based solely on the SAT, ACT, and CLT exams, with students needing to score 1450-1600, 33-36, or 100-120 respectively to qualify.

For more information about Wayland’s scholarship offerings, contact the Office of Financial Aid at [email protected] or 806-291-3520.

(Wayland Baptist University press release)

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